Sunday, January 16, 2011

SAR training

SAR training early Saturday morning at Aspen Grove. 9-1 we split into groups and covered 4 different areas, snowmobiling, medical, building anchors, and patient packing, then avalanche where we used out beacons, shovels and probes to find victims. Way fun! Got home showered ran to work about 2:20, about 3 my pager goes off I run out of work up to Tibble Fork up AF canyon where a sledder broke their leg. He got to the ambulance before we had to step in. So that was that. Got a high five from Greg and drove back to work. It was a crazy crazy day. So today on my day off I am relaxing!!! Well deserved.

I really need to start bringing my camera. I always forget. So here is a picture that my back is in. haha I'm on the far right. I will get better pictures one of these days. It's just not what I think of when I am doing rescues.

First call out

This is where I spent my first night on Search and Rescue. I got my pager the 6th and this happened the 7th. It was a long night. All the first years have yellow jackets. The guy filmed us all in the big group talking. What a fun night. Glad it was a successful rescue.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

SAR practice anyone?

This was how I spent Thursday night...
We had a great night out last night. We started in Grove Creek Canyon at 6pm. Starting temps were 18 degrees w/ slight breeze. Perfect conditions for an evening run. A 2.25 mile loop of tracks of a "lost" trail runner were put down to follow. Like usual, Troy busted a move on all. All but 1 made it back in the required 40 minute cut-off time. A quick knot review was done while waiting for Shaun to arrive. Shaun then spent 45 minutes teaching avalanche skills. An introduction to beacon use was done. We then headed to the Manilla Pond for some ice rescue training by PGFD. We used their inflatable boat and exposure suits to rescue a couple of victims not quite prepared for their 34 degree swim in the pond. Next, we headed to PGFD for a 30 minute lesson about hypothermia.
I am glad we got a few pictures of that night. That survival suit I am wearing was incredible. I am not to sure about the one size fits all but it worked for me and was so fun! It was about 13 degrees at this point but with the wind chill it felt like 0.
I get my pager, rope, webbing, and lots of other goodies Thursday night at the team meeting. Let the adventures start. I was bummed to not have my pager over the Holiday's. They had so many call outs I wish I could have gone on. They even got called out on the couple that went out Christmas day and didn't return. I am sure you heard about it on the news. It was a tragic story. Wish I could have participated though.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


7 Sheriffs sitting at a table staring at you, judging you, asking what you would bring to the team, telling you how demanding it is and how much time it takes, and giving you scenarios to see how you react... Here I am thinking I blew it upset that they don't even know how bad I want this and how much I really could offer to the team and how dedicated I would really be. I'm pretty sure when they asked what I could bring to SAR I just froze and all I could think to say was "I have a lot to offer ". Duh. But my mind went blank and I kept trying to think of words but nothing was coming. I just kept thinking about all the sheriffs watching me judging me the whole time wondering if I could handle SAR. Needless to say I left that interview thinking I had no chance because I felt like in 15 min they couldn't really understand who I am and what I really have to offer. On Wednesday I learned differently. I MADE IT! They are giving me a chance! I screamed when I hung up the phone after talking to the head sheriff. I don't think anyone else understands my excitement but I told everyone anyways cause I was so happy! When I got to work I just started calling managers and telling them. This next year is going to be a lot different and I can't wait. I will constantly be wearing a pager and carrying a radio in my car with all my equipment ready to go when they need me. I have training 3 times a month on top of the call outs. My first year I have to attend 40% of all the calls. I can't wait. I made it. I get to make a difference and do what I love. What could be better. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Boulder Colorado
Lara & Eric
We took a lot of weird pictures.
Dinner the first night we just took weird close ups of our faces. We had some good laughs.
I had a few days off this week and Lara and Eric were nice enough to open their house to me. They just moved here last week. I love Colorado. It is so pretty! We had such a fun time! We went swimming, out to eat, to the mall, Boulder, Denver, and more. It was such a nice relaxing weekend. Well worth the drive. Lara and I also hung up and put all the final touches on her apartment. Something I love to do. Organize. :) We are about to go to Witch Which ( A really yummy sandwich place my sister got me hooked on. I got excited when I saw they had one), then to World Market then I will start my drive home. Good way to end the summer. Love you guys! Thanks for being so sweet and letting me crash with you for the weekend!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just having a fun weekend!

Some friends we met while there.

Birch Hollow

Amazing sunset on the drive home

Hiking in.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Niece's at Ikea

Alea was so cute! She was so scared when I first threw her in a bin with rats and mice.

Tyler, Kelsey, Alea and my mom and I went to Ikea the other day to hang out and bet some picture frames for me. We had a lot of fun and got some cute pictures.