Monday, January 11, 2010

New Zealand here I come!

I have had some request on wanting to see where I am living for the next 3 months. The address is below. I type it in Google maps and you can see my house. I am very excited to be going and will try and update facebook and my blog more! :) Tomorrow I fly to LA at 1, then have a 5 hour layover, then at 7:20 get on a 747 (huge plane) and fly 12 hours and 55 min. and land in Auckland, New Zealand. We will then load up in 4 vans and travel down to Invercargill stopping in a different city every night. We arrive in Invercargill January 27Th and live with a New Zealand family until April 9Th. I will be attending SIT (Southern Institute of Technology) There I am taking 12 credits. Some of the classes I will be taking are sea kayaking, surfing, tramps (backpacking) and rock climbing. (of course I am only going to name the fun ones!) On April 9Th school ends and I am going to continue to rent our instructors van and travel all around New Zealand until May 3rd with my friends Isaac and Van. We will be doing a lot of tramps, and canyoneering with some locals. Isaac has made friends with a lot of people that enjoy canyoneering as much as he does and I get to benefit from it. I can't wait to start my trip tomorrow! Have a good 4 months! I know I will.

167 Layard Street
Windsor, Invercargill 9810
Total weight of bags..... 43lbs. and 40lbs. I could have a total of 100 lbs. So I am looking good! 17 lbs. of souvenirs! :)