Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer of Cayoneering

I had just bought my camera and was excited to use it down a canyon for the first time. We took this amazing family down Birch Canyon. They were probably my favorite family of the summer. We had a blast and the Mom of the family took a few pictures of Isaac and I. It was very sweet.
I named this rock "my square rock" ha ha I told all the groups about it. I got them really excited about it at the beginning of the trip and they looked forward to seeing it. I made Isaac pose with me when we got to it. I don't think he loved it as much as I did. :) Not sure why this rock stuck with me but it did. It turned out to be a funny picture. I love Isaac's face. He put on a huge grin for me! ha ha
I loved meeting all the people on our canyon days. They trusted us and knew it was once in a life time experience for them. All of the family's I got to go with loved it and I loved seeing them so happy in this place I grew to love. Zion is an amazing beautiful place. I will always feel a connection to Zion. I would be driving back to the Ponderosa after Isaac and I would spend our days off in Zion and I would comment almost every time on how beautiful it was. Especially when it would rain on those red cliffs. What an amazing place!

Volunteer Fire Fighter

Every Wednesday we would have our fire training class. This particular day we got dressed up in our gear and acted out a scenario on one of the houses at the Ponderosa. It was so fun! I love these pictures! The first time I grabbed the fire hose and wanted to try it out before I knew it I had three guys behind me holding the hose. I started laughing and told them I could handle it. They didn't listen and just kept holding it. Guess they saw it going badly. While Isaac had the hose I told him to put me out and ran out into the tree's threw my arms up in the air trying to look as much like a tree as possible and got very very wet very quickly. We both had a good laugh. It was an amazing summer and I learned and grew so much. It was the best internship for me!

Goodbye Trooper!

I was on my way out the door when I saw my dad's car smoking! I ran inside running around screaming "DAD!!!! YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!!!!" I was frantic looking for a fire extinguisher. When my mom said we don't have one I said "hose!" and was out the door. I turned the hose on the flames while my dad called the fire department. They took so long I practically got it out myself. My dad wanted to open the hood while we were waiting for them and I disagreed and Asked if had ever seen movies very sarcastically of course! I told him we would blow up! Ha ha I scared him enough that we didn't open it. Kelsey wanted to see everything so I brought her out but she wouldn't leave my side. I wanted to get her picture by the fire truck, but being afraid of men this is the picture I got. What a funny day. Goodbye Trooper.

Beautuful leather bag!

I fell in love with this Lucky purse when I visited Vegas this summer. It is perfect for New Zealand. I ran into again the other day when my mom and I went shopping and I had to have it. My friend called it my Indiana Jones bag but I love it! Thanks to Mary's coupon I saved a little on it which was nice.