Monday, August 23, 2010


Boulder Colorado
Lara & Eric
We took a lot of weird pictures.
Dinner the first night we just took weird close ups of our faces. We had some good laughs.
I had a few days off this week and Lara and Eric were nice enough to open their house to me. They just moved here last week. I love Colorado. It is so pretty! We had such a fun time! We went swimming, out to eat, to the mall, Boulder, Denver, and more. It was such a nice relaxing weekend. Well worth the drive. Lara and I also hung up and put all the final touches on her apartment. Something I love to do. Organize. :) We are about to go to Witch Which ( A really yummy sandwich place my sister got me hooked on. I got excited when I saw they had one), then to World Market then I will start my drive home. Good way to end the summer. Love you guys! Thanks for being so sweet and letting me crash with you for the weekend!