Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming to an end.

On Monday I am going to get in a car with 2 friends and drive all over New Zealand for 3 weeks. We have some fun stuff planned. I am really excited. I think we will be camping most the time. Which should be exciting. We will just be finding different spots around cities to sleep. Haven't figured out how I am going to shower. Those are just details I will have to figure out on the way. I have lots of stories I will have to tell when I get the time. I have loved my time in New Zealand. I have grown a lot in many different ways. I am ready for this time to end though. I am ready to leave Invercargill. I am looking forward to the time to travel and relax with some good friends. Then Disneyland, Texas and back to work. Thanks for all the support from everyone while I have been here.